Friday, March 30, 2012

Underglaze Test Tiles

I purchase several colors of Amaco Velvet underglaze and have made some test tiles
Each tile is about 2 x 3 inches, and I made 2 with each color. Each has 3 areas, with one, two and three coats of underglaze. One of the tiles I will antique after it is bisqued, the other will be left plain. Then, I'll glaze half or each tile with clear glaze, to see the difference with it under glaze or just plain when fired to cone six.
I did some other tiles with some test patterns, and some with some carving on them. I have a couple where I carved over the underglaze, and some where I carved first, and then put underglaze over the carving. Will the antiquing pick up differently?
I also made a few hand-built mugs today.
I will be very glad when the studio is open again, as it is much easier to make real things in a studio than at a small newsprint covered kitchen counter.
I have noticed that I am quite enjoying the incising/carving aspect now. It seems a bit different to do sgraffito on hand built forms than on a thrown form, somehow.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll take photos of the test tiles.

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