Monday, April 29, 2013

My Favorite Spot!

This is about my favorite spot in Savannah. Savannah's Clay spot! It is the pottery studio where I spend two or three chunks of time each week. The owner and operator's name is Lisa and she has created a very comfortable and stylish place. She is so friendly that you feel right at home. There is always a good conversation and interesting things to look at and think about. These photos show what a great environment she has created.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Notes on some ongoing ideas

 Just a couple of notes on things...
I changed the SD card on the camera, and found that I had taken a photo of my letter tiles a week or two ago.  They are shown here laid out on a paper.  the largest tiles are about 8 inches tall,

 Of course there are lots of things to look at and mull over.  there were a lot of square tiles that have letters on them that i did not think to take a photo of.   I'm not really satisfied with them at this point.  I need to mull over why that is and what to do next about this project. 

2.  About a year ago I made this little tree and the birds.  You can tell the scale of  them by the size of the lilies.
 The birds aren't permanently affixed to the tree branch, but there are holes with a wire that connects them. 
 I think that I'd like to try another thing like this, and vary it a bit.  Also, what about leaves on a tree.  Or maybe a more abstract perch for the birds.  Maybe more birds. 

This morning I went to a sculpture class at "Savannah's Clay Spot" (HI Lisa).  It was quite fun, and somewhat stimulating.  I need to think about what I want to make, but in the meantime, I have started to make a large oval, "boat-shaped" footed bowl.  and also a hill with a couple of sheep on it.  Not sure where I'm going with that yet. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New project!

Although it's been a little while since I posted, I have been dabbling a bit with Clay now and again recently. Being back in Savannah I have left my letter project, and started a new project. Earlier this week I decided that I needed some Special spools to hold my special ribbons. I am slab building them with shaped Ends cut with a cookie cutter. Yesterday I decorated them with some simple underglaze patterns.
I'm still undecided whether to fire them up to cone six unglazed or whether to cover them with clear glaze.