Friday, May 4, 2012

Mug Shapes

 On Wednesday, I threw some mugs to explore some shapes, - I liked the posts on the Fine Mess blog about sketching in 3D, rather than on paper.  Although, I did make some sketches on paper first, but none of my mugs turned out to look much like the pencil sketches. 
I used a bit more clay than usual, it seems, because they all turned out a bit larger than I usually make.  I put the handles on yesterday.
I brought them home to work on a bit further because I wanted to do some mishima and needed to catch them at leather hard stage, and i won't be able to get to the studio for a few days by which time they would prob be too hard.  
1. Similar to what I've been making, but narrower at the top.  Also I think the handle is a bit too big
2.   again, big handle, ???
3. similar to #2,
4. shorter and wider , sort of like an old white glass mug
5. More rounded, with low handle, quite big!
6. much like #5, (they all seemed different when I was throwing them!)
7.  this one just looks upside down to me
8. the smallest of the lot, I added a couple of coils around the base.  very adventurous
9.  I sort of like this one, altho again, the hangle seems sort of large. 
 Why didn't I notice how big the handle wer while I was attaching them?
 Last night I did the "carving" for the mishima, and there were a lot of burrs, so I let them out overnight so that I could brush them off this morning and fill them in
which is what I'm going to do right now!

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