Saturday, June 6, 2015

slab saucers

I made a batch of plates from rolled out slabs of clay and they just came out of their glaze firing,
there were three main sizes, and one odd larger one
I always work in multiples.  i'm not sure why but Very rarely do I ever make just one of something.
the smallest dishes are only about 3" x 4"
they all have mishima decoration, but the undersides are colored:
oh yes, there is one that is a bit different...

the next size up are these little "pushed slab" plates,
they are made bu pushing the slab down onto a large foam piece with a wooden shape so that the sides come up around the shape,  they are about 4" x 6"
the day I decorated these things I had a limited number of underglazes on hand, so they are a bit muted.
and then there are these square ones:
they are about six inches square

again with the mishima and screen printing, 

Also, I went to the studio yesterday and glazed up these mugs,
it will be fun to see them done, I've had a lot of fun making them


  1. Your pieces are so beautiful! And for someone who doesn't drink coffee or many hot drinks, I sure love your mugs. Shape and design are wonderful!

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