Tuesday, May 12, 2015

more and more

more handbuilding and more decoration.... I got back to the Clay Spot a few days ago and had some fun with Helios, 
Yesterday I spent four hours decorating the pieces I made, and then another hour today, 
decorating is time intensive!
Along with the silkscreening that I usually add, I did a bit of mishima on most all of the pieces, 
the stechnique is not complicated.  First, you incise a line into leatherhard clay
then, paint underglaze or slip so that it fills in the line,
In the past, I've mixed a bit of white clay into the black underglaze to produce a charcoal color, but this time I went for the whole black
After it sets up a bit you need to remove the excess color, just leaving the part that fills in the line
you can sometimes scrape off some of the underglaze with a metal rib, and you can also use a damp sponge, dampening and wiping, and cleaning the sponge over and over to wipe off more of the streaks
I was working on five small dishes, six squarish plates about five inches wide and three darted cups
some have just mishima, and others have screenprinting as well
I painted the undersides today and added some slip decoretion, but forgot to take any photos,
I also made another eight cups today, so I need to decorate them tomorrow!   
I got a few things glazed that I made last time I was here in march, so it will be fun to see them come out of the kiln.  I've had a bit of trouble figuring out how thick to apply the glaze-- too thick and it looks cloudy over dark colored underglaze, and too thin leads to roughness on the rims.  Hope I get it right this time!


  1. great work... do you screen print onto tissue and then transfer it to your pots?

  2. So while Richard is busking perhaps you could set up a stall to sell your pottery:)

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