Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mug Shapes

I like to do mugs these days, I suppose because you can always give them away to people, or use them.  They do seem to get used enough that eventually they break or you get tired of them and you need another one. 
The mug shapes above are ones that I've made in the last week or two, in my little backyard shed here in Asquith. 
The ones below were made in Savannah in May or June,
I am currently leaning toward the more open top, and squaring it off, but retaining the same type of  handles, and the little foot ring that flares out too.
I've returned to using Plainsman clay,-- some M370 that is about 12 years aged, and some P300, which is what I think I'll stick with.  


  1. I love the new mug shapes...can't wait to see how you glaze them! :)

  2. i like the first image the most...there's something about that little ridge....

  3. Yes, I like that shape too--it was a happy accident which I would like to repeat, I decorated it with underglaze, but it needed something simpler than what I did, so I need to try it again!

  4. quite a variety of shapes - must be fun... I like the first one in the set of 4 at the top... but then I like most of then:)